Types of P.E.T.

Experiences vary in type and are received from different sources. They are sudden, unexpected and unpredictable.


Emotion only. There is no mental or seen image. The emotional transference can come from an object, place, or unseen entity.

Visual or Visualized:

Received emotions are accompanied with a seen (visual) or mental (visualized) image.


A projected rerun of someone’s emotion imprinted and stored on an object or place. It may be accompanied by an image doing the same thing repeatedly. It is non-intelligent, unchanging and often happens in the same place at the same time. Some residual energy may occur at different times when an outside energy source activates it.


P.E.T. is received from an entity trying to interact and communicate. It has self identity and awareness of others. The entity is unpredictable and may appear at different times and places.


P.E.T. is received from an inanimate object (furniture, jewelry, clothing, etc.). When a person’s emotional energy is high, it can be absorbed and stored in objects near it.


P.E.T. is received from a place or area (building or land).