The Last Supper House

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It was a white Spanish style house with an enclosed archway in front of a thick, wooden door. It looked like a nice neighborhood and there was an old church across the street. My Mom was with me as the realtor let us inside. The living room was small with hardwood floors and white walls. I noticed a fireplace with a bamboo blind hanging above the mantle. I thought this odd and walked over to lift up the blind and see what was behind it. To my surprise I saw a bronze plaque of The Last Supper set into the wall. Why someone would cover it with a bamboo blind puzzled me.

As I looked at the plaque feelings of nausea, fear, and panic came over me. I sensed something behind me and quickly looked over my right shoulder toward a front, corner bedroom. Suddenly, I felt the emotions of a young girl being abused by a man she knew and once trusted. He would corner her in the house. It was the same every time. She tried fighting, but he was stronger. She tried yelling, but nobody heard. I looked at the plaque again and got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I quickly turned away from it, dropping the blind back over it. There was a short hallway leading to another bedroom. I walked into the bedroom, felt uneasy and walked out. The realtor was talking to me, but I couldn’t hear her. I was still feeling the effects of the emotions I had just experienced.

We walked into the kitchen and I stood looking out a window into the backyard. It was overgrown with weeds and the garage looked like it needed repair. The realtor asked me if I wanted to go upstairs. I walked upstairs, felt uneasy and walked back downstairs. By this time I knew there wasn’t any room in the house where I would feel comfortable.

When the realtor opened the basement door, she stood there for a moment looking down the steps. Suddenly she closed the door, apologized, and said she had to go outside to make a phone call. My Mom, never at a loss for words, had been silent during the walk through. She was now standing in the living room looking like she wanted to leave. “Let’s go,” I said.

There was a feeling of relief outside and the three of us began to talk about our experiences. The realtor said she had a similar experience once before when she walked into the room of a vacant house where a chair had been left. Although Mom and the realtor felt a negative energy, neither had experienced an emotional transference. I asked the realtor if she knew the history of the house, but she didn’t. It was a short sale, which meant the bank owned the house.

On the way home I thought about the young girl and the man who destroyed her trust and happiness. I wondered if there were more victims. I became very angry and wanted to find him and make him pay for what he did. I wanted him to suffer and feel the same pain he inflicted on a child who couldn’t defend herself against him. Whenever I thought about it, the sick feeling would return.

The Last Supper depicts Jesus with his disciples eating their last meal together before his crucifixion. To his right is Judas who would betray Jesus and turn him over to the Roman soldiers. In John 13:21, Jesus predicts;  ” The truth is, one of you will betray me.”  I can only guess why the plaque had absorbed the emotional energy it did.


The Type  is Pure, Residual, and Material  because I felt the young girl’s emotions without seeing her image. Her strong emotional energy was residual, a moment in time imprinted on the plaque.

It is a Level 3  because I felt her emotions and had a physical reaction to them, feeling nauseous and sick. These negative feelings would return whenever I thought about the incident, but faded as time went by.

Time of Encounter: Between 2:00 pm-3:00 pm, afternoon.

This was pure emotional transference with no visual detail. The mental pictures I received were not clear and I believe came from my mind trying to fit images with the emotions I felt. The mind automatically does the same thing when reading a book or listening to a story. As we read or listen, our mind creates mental pictures of what is happening. In this case the emotions I received were telling me a story of what happened in the house.

The emotions had no time line. I do not know when it happened or how old the young girl was. I could only hope that the man was caught and punished and that any children he hurt received help and lead happy adult lives.

The emotional energy was released after I lifted the bamboo blind. I was the only one to touch the blind and get close to the plaque. I believe the plaque was covered by bamboo to contain its negative energy. In Japanese culture bamboo is used to ward off evil spirits. It is also used in Feng Shui as a weapon against negative energy.