Stored Emotions

I felt what they felt and it wasn’t good. Their energy moved through me, leaving an imprint of their emotions and the need for me to logically explain what happened. Living with these experiences can be challenging. That’s why I don’t go looking for it and why people with similar experiences don’t come forward. It’s a defense against deep feelings of emotional pain or anger that can stop you in your tracks. It can keep you from being happy and accomplishing the simplest task. When your senses are overwhelmed you may feel that you’re losing control. This is where you have to be careful.

I believe that time and place play an important role in my experiences. If I were in the same environment at a different time or day I might not have had the experience.

Words such as paranormal sensitive, empathic, and intuitive describe people who pick up on emotions someone had in life or at the time of their death. Maybe that describes me, but it doesn’t happen often and I don’t feel like I’m picking up on it as much as it’s picking up on me.

I often wonder why most paranormal experiences are negative. Why aren’t there more happy ghosts or spirits? I believe it has to do with the strength in negative energy. Have you ever yelled at someone or punched a hole in the wall when you were happy? Extreme emotions equal extreme energy. To deny the paranormal exists is to deny a part of ourselves exists.