Paranormal Procrastination

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Okay, so I haven’t written anything in months. What started out to be a labor of love has turned into paranormal procrastination. What can I write that hasn’t already been written? What thought and theory hasn’t been hypothesized, analyzed and criticized? I started this blog by writing about my experiences, but haven’t had one in years.

Those who don’t believe in the paranormal ask those who do, “What’s wrong with you?” Ironically, when I STOP having paranormal experiences, I ask myself the same question; “What’s wrong with me?” I have a sneaking suspicion I’m being paranormally ignored. Do the dead procrastinate? Why haven’t I had another experience? I am consumed with the need to make happen that which I cannot make happen.

My lack of ghost activity has become a metaphor for everything in life that I have no control over. My need becomes its own entity to which I yell at; “F**k You! I don’t need this sh*t!” However, this is temporary as I remember how my experiences with the dead made me feel alive.

So, here I am, writing after years of experiencing nothing; wanting, waiting and hoping for another paranormal experience. What more can I say?