P-SB7, White Noise and Grandma Minnie’s Farm

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I was told by an acquaintance that my website was too dark and scary. “It might turn some people off.” Apparently easily influenced by a stranger’s opinion, I decided to talk about something less likely to scare: The P-SB7 spirit box. However, if you think voices coming out of a radio is frightening, then I can’t help you. You are simply easily influenced by your own imagination or lack of paranormal experience.

The P-SB7 (also called a ghost or spirit box) is a modified AM/FM radio that sweeps across airwave frequencies at different speeds (it’s a radio with a scanner). Between channels of music, news, talk shows and advertisements is white noise. There’s a definition and audio sample of white noise on Wikipedia. For those of you who think outside the box, playing the Wikipedia white noise sample won’t induce spirit communication. It has to be live, in real time. This is the purpose for which the P-SB7 was made, to communicate with spirits by giving them a signal source to audibly come through.

White noise on the P-SB7 is therefore established only when radio frequencies are not contaminated by interfering radio stations. This is a problem if you live in an area populated with lots of radio stations. Does this mean I can only communicate with rural spirits? Do I have to drive out to the country for messages from the other side? All I wanted to do was sit in my living room and talk to local ghosts, but now I have to drive out to Grandma Minnie’s farm and stand in the corn field for contact.

Okay, so maybe I was naïve enough to think I’d get the same results as Zak Bagans on Ghost Adventures (I’ve been working on my optimism). Frustrated and disappointed, I decided to do some online research. I discovered that to get the required white noise, I would need to do one of three things:

a) Purchase a Faraday bag (I know, I never heard of it either). It shields the P-SB7 from receiving interference from AM/FM music and talk radio signals.

b) Detune or remove the radio noise from the P-SB7 by removing the AM/FM antenna.

3) Buy the P-SB7 FM which IS detuned.

So to get my $80 P-SB7 to work I have to spend $16.50 plus shipping for a Faraday bag, OR I have to take it apart and remove the antenna (which voids the warranty), OR I have to spend $60 plus shipping for a detuned P-SB7 FM.

I think I’ll just drive out to Grandma Minnie’s farm. I hear the white noise is good out there.