Levels of P.E.T.

P.E.T. has different intimacy levels. Some experiences effect the receiver deeply and others less. It may also escalate, beginning at a low level, rising to a higher level as it gains energy. Sensing  is at a lower level than feeling. When you sense  an emotion, it is separate from you. When you feel  an emotion, it is a part of you.

Level 1: Your emotions are kept separate from the emotional transference.

(You sense sadness, but are not sad. You sense anger, but are not angry).

Level 2: You feel the same emotion as the emotion transferred to you.

(If it’s sad, you feel sad. If it’s angry, you feel angry).

Level 3: Your body physically reacts to the emotional transference.

(You cry, feel dizzy, nauseous, have a headache, or pain).