Angry Dresser

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I arrived at the small, brown church to look at an Art Deco, Waterfall dresser for sale. Art Deco was a style popular from the 1920’s to the 1930’s. Waterfall was a design common on bedroom furniture with rounded edges and front curves.

When I walked up the church steps, a man met me at the front door and showed me inside. The main room was dimly lit and looked like a small living room converted for church sermons. I noticed rows of open folding metal chairs facing a wooden podium and a dresser against the right side wall. As I walked toward the dresser a sense of anger startled me. I stopped, looked around the room and began to walk toward the dresser again. Suddenly, I saw the mental image of two hands trying to push me back. I could see veins on the back of hands with long fingers, thin arms, and pale skin. I then saw the face of an old woman yelling at me. She had blue eyes and long gray hair pinned up on her head. I could see part of a nightgown, but couldn’t make out any details. She was tall, thin, and there was a sense of strength about her.

I immediately stepped back and walked away from the dresser. Curious, I walked toward it again and discovered her energy was confined to an area around it. The anger I sensed in front of me moved onto me as I got closer. I put my hand on the dresser in an attempt to calm the old woman, but it only intensified her resolve to push me away. When I touched the dresser her anger turned to rage. When I walked away, the energy and images faded.

I stood back at a safe distance and looked at the dresser. I’d never experienced anything like this. The man who showed me inside the church was watching, looking from me to the dresser. I wondered if he knew? I started to walk toward the dresser again with the same result. If this were a contest, the dresser won. I thanked the man and left, feeling a strong urge to wash the hand that had touched the dresser.


The Type  is Visualized, Residual, and Material  because I received visualized mental images of the old woman. Her emotional energy was residual and strongly imprinted on the dresser. It was like a rerun of the same image doing the same thing every time I stepped toward the dresser.

It is a Level 1 because my emotions were kept separate from the emotional transference. I sensed her anger, but did not feel or become angry myself.

Time of Encounter: Between 12:00 pm-1:00 pm, afternoon.

I did not receive anger from the dresser until I was in the area of its energy. The anger and images confused and startled me, but I respected the power behind it. I did not physically see the woman, feel her push me, or hear her voice. I received her transferred emotional energy and the visualized images that went with it. I was not encountering the old woman as an intelligent entity. I was encountering her emotions at a specific moment in time. This is the most detailed image I’ve ever received from a paranormal emotional transference.

I attempted to diffuse her anger by laying my hand on the dresser, but residual energy cannot be altered or changed (you cannot make negative residual energy positive). The closer I got to the dresser, the stronger its energy. It was like a battery and I the charger.

Her energy did not tell me why she was angry or why it was attached to the dresser. I did not open any dresser drawers and I did not ask the man inside the church any questions about the dresser. I wish I had, but I was taken by surprise and not thinking clearly when the incident happened.