Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Emotional Transference

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Sooner or later it was bound to happen, Paranormal Emotional Transference on Ghost Hunters. Season 1: Episode 7, New Bedford Armory 2004. This episode was the topic of much discussion after it aired twelve years ago, but I think needs to be revisited as an example of extreme P.E.T.


Sound Supervisor, Frank DeAngelis was standing on the armory catwalk when his audio bag appeared to fly up, hit him in the face and knock him down. What does this have to do with P.E.T.? The emotions Frank experienced at that moment left him with negative and disturbing feelings. Were these his feelings or someone elses? Considering Frank experienced these feelings at the moment of the encounter and appeared to be in shock, I believe these emotions came from an outside source, not Frank. As Frank lay on the floor, a tear runs down his face. After he is helped to sit up, he pulls his hat down over his eyes and begins to cry. I know from my own experience that what Frank felt emotionally was significant and can take some time to recover from.

I can’t tell you how many times I watched that episode. I looked at the way Frank fell to the floor, where he was standing, what he was doing, the expression on his face, his body language, what he said, how people reacted when it happened, electronic equipment near him. I came to the conclusion that this was not a hoax. One look at Frank’s face as he lay on the floor and I knew this was more than a physical attack. Something emotionally charged went through him and left its emotional imprint.

When asked on the episode what happened, Frank said: ” This is how it feels. It felt like everything, all of my fears, all the things that I’m afraid of, all the things that might happen, all of that was realized in that infinate half a second. As it hit me, as it pulled me down, just as I’m hitting the floor, I’m thinking, “Oh My God!” Inside it’s just like f***in’ doomsday for me right now.”

In a review of the  incident at the conclusion of Ghost Hunters. Season 1: Episode 8, Topton Inn 2004, Frank said: ” The one thing that I felt when I got hit was the realization of every bad thing that could possibly happen. It just came into my head at that one moment. I think that scared me more than getting hit by something that I didn’t see.” Frank wasn’t aware that his audio bag hit him in the face until footage from the scene was shown to him at the review. He had repeatedly stated that something went through him. His emotional state wasn’t from being hit by his audio bag, it was from what went through him with emotional force.

What is of further interest is that a man had committed suicide by hanging himself in the Armory. Could this build up of emotional energy be from this man? I, myself  have experienced emotional energy from a man who hung himself, but I felt no physical threat, only deep sadness and regret. That was fifteen years ago and the most intense P.E.T. experience I’ve had.

I sometimes wonder what happened to Frank? How did his experience effect him after the show? Does he still think about it or just call it a weird experience he rather not talk about? What is Frank doing today? I can’t find much about Frank DeAngelis and that’s probably just how he wants it.

Ghost Adventures. Season 7: Episode 1, Central Unit Prison 2012. Central Unit Prison shut down in 2011 after housing inmates for 102 years. While investigating, Nick Groff became overwhelmed with emotions that weren’t his. In the episode review, Nick said: “I felt that agony of somebody who wanted to just like tell a message to the world and let everybody know what was happening to him. I felt like my chest was collapsing in on me. I just couldn’t function anymore. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t think. I was foggy. And then I would go from being sad to complete anger, like I just wanted to smash something. I wanted to hurt somebody because I wasn’t getting that message out there and because of that reason I wanted to destroy whoever was there.” Is this what happened to Frank? Did an entity attack him out of frustration from not being able to get its message out there?

I noticed while reviewing the Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures episodes that both Frank and Nick said they felt pressure on thier chest. I’ve never felt pressure on my chest while experiencing P.E.T., but it’s something to take note of. Frank’s eyes watered as he lay on the floor and he talked about feeling negative emotions. Nick also had a similar experience, saying that he felt really emotional, his eyes just started watering and depression and sadness came over him.

As Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures continue for another season I believe more attention will be payed to P.E.T. Why? By continually subjecting themselves to emotionally charged places, they will have more emotionally charged experiences. P.E.T. can have psychological effects that are hard to express. As a result, some encounters might be kept private and not publicly shared. I can’t imagine anyone going through this on a regular basis. That’s why I’m not a ghost hunter.