The first four stories are about my personal encounters with Paranormal Emotional Transference.

P.E.T. can happen anywhere at any time. The problem is making sense of it. I attempted this by writing about my experiences followed by my observations of them.

I define each experience by Level and Type. This helps me to understand the encounter and what makes it different from the others. I do this after I have time to think about what happened and remember details I wasn’t able to focus on at the moment of the transference.

Have you had a personal P.E.T. encounter? If so, I'd like to hear from you. Submit your encounter and share it with others. Telling your story helps readers know they are not alone.

Emotions of an Inmate Entity

I used to be a Correction Officer. I worked in a jail for almost ten years and saw my share of violence. One backup call had me following a trail of blood to an officer who had been attacked by a mental patient. (Prisons and jails treat more mentally ill in America than hospitals or treatment centers). Another backup call was on the medical floor where an inmate committed suicide by crushing his head between the metal frame of an electric hospital bed. I had many experiences, but only one turned me from a skeptic to a believer in the paranormal and began my search to find answers. It was lunch time and I decided to visit another officer who worked in the Holding area. Holding was located in the jail basement where the inmates went … [Read more...]

The Last Supper House

It was a white Spanish style house with an enclosed archway in front of a thick, wooden door. It looked like a nice neighborhood and there was an old church across the street. My Mom was with me as the realtor let us inside. The living room was small with hardwood floors and white walls. I noticed a fireplace with a bamboo blind hanging above the mantle. I thought this odd and walked over to lift up the blind and see what was behind it. To my surprise I saw a bronze plaque of The Last Supper set into the wall. Why someone would cover it with a bamboo blind puzzled me. As I looked at the plaque feelings of nausea, fear, and panic came over me. I sensed something behind me and quickly looked over my right shoulder toward a front, corner … [Read more...]

Angry Dresser

I arrived at the small, brown church to look at an Art Deco, Waterfall dresser for sale. Art Deco was a style popular from the 1920’s to the 1930’s. Waterfall was a design common on bedroom furniture with rounded edges and front curves. When I walked up the church steps, a man met me at the front door and showed me inside. The main room was dimly lit and looked like a small living room converted for church sermons. I noticed rows of open folding metal chairs facing a wooden podium and a dresser against the right side wall. As I walked toward the dresser a sense of anger startled me. I stopped, looked around the room and began to walk toward the dresser again. Suddenly, I saw the mental image of two hands trying to push me back. I could … [Read more...]

Book of Crossroads

In 1940, 8 out of 10 boys who graduated from school went to war. All men ages 18–45 were liable for military service and required to register. The government then selected men through a lottery system. World War II fatality statistics estimate the total of dead ranging from 50 million to over 70 million, 2.5% of the world population. It is the deadliest war in world history. In the summer of 1944, a large number of soldiers were deployed for the invasion of Europe. The yearbook I purchased one summer from a thrift store was from 1944. It was in good condition as if stored for many years. The cover was made of burlap, the binding tight, and the pages were white with no tears. There were many black and white photos of students, faculty, … [Read more...]