Paranormal Procrastination

Okay, so I haven't written anything in months. What started out to be a labor of love has turned into paranormal procrastination. What can I write that hasn't already been written? What thought and theory hasn't been hypothesized, analyzed and criticized? I started this blog by writing about my experiences, but haven't had one in years. Those who don't believe in the paranormal ask those who do, “What's wrong with you?” Ironically, when I STOP having paranormal experiences, I ask myself the same question; “What's wrong with me?” I have a sneaking suspicion I'm being paranormally ignored. Do the dead procrastinate? Why haven't I had another experience? I am consumed with the need to make happen that which I cannot make happen. My lack of … [Read more...]

P-SB7, White Noise and Grandma Minnie’s Farm

I was told by an acquaintance that my website was too dark and scary. “It might turn some people off.” Apparently easily influenced by a stranger’s opinion, I decided to talk about something less likely to scare: The P-SB7 spirit box. However, if you think voices coming out of a radio is frightening, then I can’t help you. You are simply easily influenced by your own imagination or lack of paranormal experience. The P-SB7 (also called a ghost or spirit box) is a modified AM/FM radio that sweeps across airwave frequencies at different speeds (it’s a radio with a scanner). Between channels of music, news, talk shows and advertisements is white noise. There’s a definition and audio sample of white noise on Wikipedia. For those of you who … [Read more...]

The Soul of Things

Can an object retain memories and impressions left by a person, environment or event? If so, can these memories and impressions be released onto those who come into contact with the object? The Soul of Things  written by Geologist, William Denton in 1863 attempts to answer these questions and more. Through research and study Denton concluded that what makes this happen is a radiation of influences. "Great grief, great fear, great gladness, or intense activity of any one or all." He maintained that the soul is not dependent upon the body, but transcends beyond the body. "Love, hate, revenge, and even frenzy; all these are thus communicated, and each one thus influenced becomes in turn a center to radiate these influences to those … [Read more...]

Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Emotional Transference

Sooner or later it was bound to happen, Paranormal Emotional Transference on Ghost Hunters. Season 1: Episode 7, New Bedford Armory 2004. This episode was the topic of much discussion after it aired twelve years ago, but I think needs to be revisited as an example of extreme P.E.T. Sound Supervisor, Frank DeAngelis was standing on the armory catwalk when his audio bag appeared to fly up, hit him in the face and knock him down. What does this have to do with P.E.T.? The emotions Frank experienced at that moment left him with negative and disturbing feelings. Were these his feelings or someone elses? Considering Frank experienced these feelings at the moment of the encounter and appeared to be in shock, I believe these emotions came … [Read more...]